New: First dermatopathology laboratory with a dermatology practice

Munich/ Westerstede. On 1 April 2023, the dermatology practice partnership Nordwest Histo in Westerstede will join the CORIUS Group. This integration not only expands the company’s existing health services, but also introduces its first histology laboratory with an associated dermatology practice. The laboratory and practice will strengthen the CORIUS network under its new name, MVZ Dermatologie & Histologie Westerstede.

Caption 1: The team of doctors at MVZ Dermatologie & Histologie Westerstede. Back row, from left to right: Dr Peter Pelzer, Dr Gisela Bloß, Dr Ocko Kautz. Front row, from left to right: Dr Silke Meier, Dr Andrea von Stemm. © Peter Duddek 

The laboratory and dermatology practice was founded in 1991 and is located in the district of Ammerland in Lower Saxony. The laboratory’s services include everything related to dermatopathology, including immunohistochemistry, direct immunofluorescence diagnostics for bullous autoimmune dermatoses, and special stains. The dermatology practice, which deals with conservative dermatology and allergology, also carries out surgery.

What sets MVZ Dermatologie & Histologie Westerstede apart is the close connection between the clinic and pathology department. At the same time, diagnostic work carried out in its histopathology laboratory is fortified by its links to the dermatology practice. Medical management is overseen by Dr Andrea von Stemm, Dr Ocko Kautz and Dr Peter Pelzer. Their team also includes two more specialists and an assistant in further training and provides patients in and around Westerstede with a wide array of dermatological services.

Caption 2: MVZ Dermatologie & Histologie Westerstede’s new logo. 

The close interlinking between the laboratory and the dermatology practice makes it possible to analyse samples quickly and efficiently, supported by profound dermatological expertise, meaning patients benefit from quicker diagnoses and treatments. We’re so happy to be welcoming MVZ Dermatologie & Histologie Westerstede, and we look forward to working together.

Heidi Niemöller CEO of the CORIUS Group
CEO der CORIUS Gruppe: Heidi Niemöller

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