Practice transition

As practice owners come to the end of a successful career in medicine, they are often faced with the question of what will become of their practice when they head into their well-earned retirement. Years of work, a strong team, and long-standing patients: every doctor cares deeply about their practice, and a great deal of time and effort is put into building up a life’s work and a patient base. Integrating the practice into the CORIUS Group puts it in safe hands and guarantees the future of the practice. We support practice owners throughout the entire handover process.

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Ärzte reden über Prasisabgabe und Praxisnachfolge
Ärzte reden über Praxisnachfolge Handschlag zur Einigung über eine Praxisabgabe

Organising practice handover and succession

As retirement looms, many practice owners want to secure their practice’s future and leave their employees and patients in safe hands. However, arranging a smooth transition of the practice and searching for a successor pose a major challenge for most owners. This complex process requires extensive planning and careful implementation. In addition to finding a suitable successor, practice owners also have to consider business, legal and tax issues. The CORIUS Group supports practice owners with an optimal organisation of the practice handover following the integration into the network.

The preparation phase until the contract was concluded and the practice handed over included highly professional support, fair contract conditions, and excellent teamwork. To carry on working as a doctor, I need complete freedom of choice in medical matters. Expert employees from the CORIUS Group took a real weight off my shoulders for all non-medical issues, giving me enough time to focus on my patients.

Prof. Uwe Reinhold MVZ Dermatologisches Zentrum Bonn
Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Reinhold

Benefits of selling your practice

Practice owners handing over their practice to the CORIUS Group can rely on an expert partner to look after their life’s work as they head into their well-earned retirement – on their terms, too.

Practice owners enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fair (sale) conditions
  • All-round support during practice handover
  • Relief from administrative headaches
  • Tailored successor planning and search
  • Future-oriented continuation of the practice
  • Takeover of the employees
  • Individuality of the practice guaranteed

Benefits for members

Integration into the network benefits both medical staff and the practice itself. Our members are relieved of all administrative headaches in day-to-day practice management, allowing them to focus on their patients.

Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Relief from administrative work
  • Ability to focus on their medical work
  • Purchasing at attractive Group rates
  • Investment in the latest technology
  • Internal knowledge sharing amongst experts
  • Training opportunities
  • Flexible working hours
  • CORIUS Academy

Leave your life’s work in safe hands

Guarantee the future of your practice by integrating it into the CORIUS Group! We provide you with expertise and transparent support throughout the entire handover process. Get in touch with us now!

Reliable partner by your side

Our specialist teams support you throughout the entire handover process – with lots of expertise and always on an equal footing – to help with all the challenges involved in practice transition and the administrative tasks it presents.

CORIUS plans out all the steps with you in a transparent, trusting way: from checking the requirements to applying for approval to the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, all the way to seamless implementation and a ‘smooth’ handover.

By taking over the administrative burden, we guarantee that the practice can continue to run smoothly, and you can focus all of your energy on caring for your patients.

Gespräch über Praxisabgabe und Praxisnachfolge

Professional support with

Regional management

Marketing and PR

Legal advice

Human resources and payroll accounting

Finance and bookkeeping

IT and privacy

M&A management


Quality control

Cross-network knowledge exchange

Our network promotes the exchange of knowledge across the Group and the further training of our employees, for example at the Medical Board Meeting or the CORIUS Conference.

Frequently asked questions

We are generally interested in large – and therefore often difficult to sell – dermatology and phlebology practices. The practice owners are typically approaching their well-earned retirement and have already been looking for a solution for the future of their practice. However, practice owners who want to continue working in their practice for several more years can also join our network. This allows them to gradually reduce their working hours at any time and place their practice in the hands of a responsible successor.

As members of the CORIUS Group, all of our practices enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of a large network, including professional exchange between practices and employees, work shadowing, an array of opportunities for professional development, investment in the latest technology, and efficient purchasing at attractive Group rates. Plus, the CORIUS head office deals with all administrative tasks, allowing medical staff to concentrate on caring for patients.

Every practice has its own unique characteristics and circumstances, so the handover process always focuses on individual solutions. First, we have a face-to-face chat to get to know you and your practice, placing great value on transparent and honest communication. Then, we check the requirements for joining our network. Once these checks have been carried out successfully, you will receive a contract from us in which all agreements are laid down in writing. The practice then becomes a community health centre (Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum / MVZ) in order to be incorporated into our Group. Our specialist teams will support you throughout the entire handover process so that you can depend on us as a reliable partner by your side. You can also continue to use our CORIUS head office services after handing over the practice.

We will take on your employees. Once they have been integrated, they will be able to enjoy the wide array of benefits offered by the Group, such as participation in further training courses, professional exchange within the network, flexible working hours, career-family life balance, and many more benefits.

Decisions regarding medical and operational activities remain the responsibility of the medical director(s). The CORIUS Group relieves practices of all administrative tasks, allowing medical staff to focus on the well-being of the patients.

This administrative support gives professionals more time for treatments – and therefore patients – which has a positive effect on the quality of care and patient satisfaction. Plus, investment in modern medical equipment and new technology guarantees an excellent standard of care. CORIUS is interested in continuing large – and therefore difficult to sell– practices, ensuring comprehensive medical care for the future.

Shape the future of your practice with us!

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