About us

CORIUS Group is the largest network of dermatology and phlebology practices in Germany and Switzerland. Forward-looking, innovative and holistic, we advance dermatology care for the good of our patients. We draw on the latest medical and aesthetic insights to maintain the highest level of care. 

CORIUS Group benefits from targeted synergies within the network, centralised management systems and continuous knowledge sharing between members. In addition, we ensure that practices are equipped with the latest technology, offer innovative treatment methods and are actively engaged in research.

Every member of the network benefits from expertise, reduced administration and mutual support. If you’re looking to sell your medical practice, we are an attractive partner and will jointly manage the practice succession process with you. We offer our employees flexible working hours, access to further training and, by reducing admin and letting you concentrate on medicine, a better working environment and quality of life. Patients at our practices are provided with treatment of consistently high quality and a high level of medical care.

Shaping the future of dermatology together

Become part of the CORIUS Group

Are you interested in making your practice part of the CORIUS Group? Are you looking for a safe pair of hands to succeed you in your practice? We are a reliable partner who can support you in achieving this goal.

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Working for the CORIUS Group

We’re always looking for dedicated employees who want to join us in shaping the future of dermatology and to realise their goals with passion. Send in your application today!

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The figures speak for themselves

The CORIUS Group is a rapidly growing, supra-regional network of practices and clinics in the dermatological and phlebological field.

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Dr. med. Frank-Matthiaas Schaart
Thanks to professional collaboration with CORIUS, I have been able to achieve my goal of ensuring that practice succession is properly managed long-term for the sake of my staff, our patients and, of course, myself.
Prof. Dr. med. Markus Steinert
The team and I are happy to be part of the CORIUS Group. CORIUS takes care of many of the non-medical tasks, leaving us free to concentrate fully on caring for our patients. We’re doing well financially, work is fun, we can decide how things are run, and no-one interferes in our medical work. I’m sure this is how pretty much every doctor would like to work. When we eventually come to the end of our working lives, CORIUS will ensure a seamless transition.
Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Reinhold
Its broad structure at every level means that the CORIUS Group is well positioned to ensure consistent, high-quality dermatology care and is also well prepared to meet future healthcare market challenges. From our point of view as medical specialists, the network structure lends itself perfectly to continuous information sharing across individual areas of our medical speciality and also offers a strong foundation for offering high-quality future training to a new generation of dermatology specialists.
Dr. med. Sebastian Kahl
Thanks to CORIUS, I have the opportunity to put my ideas into practice and to run an independent practice with no financial risk.
Dr. med. Cathrin Peterek
CORIUS enables me to work successfully as a staff medical specialist in a diverse team in the speciality in which I am best qualified.
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Practice succession

Managing practice succession: making sure your life’s work ends up in good hands.

We help you shape and organise your practice succession. For larger practices, finding a suitable successor can be difficult. With individually tailored succession models, physicians selling their practices can ensure that their life’s work is passed on to the right partner and that the practice continues as a successful medical practice and in a way that suits you. Successors may be medical specialists from within the group who have been carefully prepared for the succession, or external medical specialists who undergo an equally rigorous induction. CORIUS Group remains in constant contact with the seller and has a strong focus on constructive collaboration.

This ensures that practice owners who want to future-proof the succession by selling to CORIUS and integrating their practice into the CORIUS network benefit from the CORIUS Group network. Your practice name and everything that makes it your practice remain unchanged.

Together we find the right successor for your practice. Contact us at praxisnachfolge@corius.de.

Benefits for physicians looking to sell their practice

  • fair conditions (sales and general)
  • reduced administration
  • focus on medical expertise
  • individual succession management
  • investment at group terms and conditions

Benefits for practice successors

  • secured financing
  • flexible succession planning
  • low administrative burden
  • a wide range of training opportunities
  • professional network
  • attractive salary and profit-sharing
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A passion for dermatology:
have your say, develop flexibly, focus on the patient

What makes the wide range of treatments offered by the CORIUS Group different is the experience and expertise of our specialists in areas including general, oncological and aesthetic dermatology, phlebology, laser treatments, allergology and medical cosmetics.

We’re always looking for dedicated employees who want to join us in striking out in new directions and shaping the future of dermatology.

We offer our employees interesting work and attractive working conditions. It is very important to us that employees enjoy their work and can pursue their professional passion unhindered.

We empower our doctors to dedicate themselves to their passion for medicine without having to worry about administration. We free them up to concentrate on what matters – patient well-being. Our goal is to ensure high-quality patient care drawing on the latest medical and aesthetic advances.

As a supra-regional network, we create a platform for sharing professional knowledge and experience, and individual opportunities for development right across the group. Our network is a place where expert teams work together and benefit from each other’s expertise. With the latest technical facilities and equipment and an exciting working environment, we invite you to grow with us and help shape the future of dermatology.

Employee benefits

  • interesting and varied role
  • training opportunities
  • flexible working hours
  • professional knowledge network
  • feedback culture

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Concentrated expertise

When a practice is integrated into the CORIUS Group, the amount of admin doctors and medical staff have to perform drops dramatically. This enables doctors in particular to concentrate on their medical work and on patient well-being. With head office acting as a first point of contact, practices and doctors are able to take advantage of the expertise of CORIUS Group specialists, who are available to support and advise them on a wide range of issues.

Head office is made up of the following departments

  • Practice management
  • Legal advice
  • Marketing and PR
  • HR and payroll
  • Finance and accounting
  • Management accounting
  • IT and data protection

Heidi Niemöller Group CEO
Strategic leadership of the Group and responsible for realising the Group’s growth strategy; member of the Medical Board.
Gary Rölle Group CFO
Financial and operational leadership of CORIUS Group, responsible for developing head office administrative functions and shared services, and for executing and integrating add-on acquisitions.
Marcel Dickmann Group COO
Operational management of the Group and responsible for the strategic development of the practices and clinics.
Dr. Dietrich Schrapper Management Board
Member of the Management Board and Medical Board, responsible for the Group’s growth strategy.

What we stand for

Because our head office takes care of most administrative tasks, doctors at CORIUS Group are able to concentrate on their job and their passion – treating patients.

The core values underpinning our philosophy are partnership, individuality, expertise, passion, a focus on the future, and trust. We aim to be a reliable, trustworthy partner to both our staff and patients. We are convinced that such an environment facilitates groundbreaking performance.


Our working relationship with all practices is based on closeness, cooperation and trust. We communicate with practices as equals and, by reducing the administrative burden across the board, support practices as a partner.


Every CORIUS Group practice has its own focus and image – they have their own branding and are marked out by their uniqueness. That’s reflected in how they treat their patients – every patient receives treatment tailored specifically to their needs. That’s why we engage with the aspirations and goals of the practice and medical staff individually.


CORIUS Group doctors are recognised experts in their field and boast many years of experience and expertise in dealing with patients and the treatment of disease. CORIUS Group is distinguished by the wide spectrum of treatments it offers. The Group covers the whole of the dermatological field, plus phlebology and vascular surgery, through to aesthetic and laser treatments.


Our doctors pursue their vocation and care for their patients with passion. This is facilitated in particular by reducing the amount of administration they need to perform. At CORIUS, doctors can have their say in how things are run, realise their potential flexibly and focus on people. We support and promote them in doing so in particular by providing extensive training and work shadowing opportunities, and by offering flexible working hours – because at CORIUS a passion for the profession and the patient are core values.

A focus on the future

We use effective, enduring therapeutic concepts based on the latest insights from the fields of medicine, science and technology. We achieve this using advanced, innovative technologies for treating a wide range of conditions. By carrying out research in a wide range of fields, our doctors also make an important contribution to medicine and advanced patient care.


Our practices and clinics are trusted contacts which patients can access at any time. At CORIUS, every patient receives a comprehensive diagnosis and personalised treatment. Protecting patient data is also a matter of trust on which we place a strong emphasis.