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General questions about the CORIUS Group

The CORIUS Group is the largest partner network of dermatology and phlebology practices and clinics in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Since its founding in 2017, the CORIUS Group has continued to grow and provides high-quality, comprehensive care with a focus on medical excellence.

The CORIUS Group’s practices and clinics work primarily in the fields of dermatology and phlebology. Our practices cover a wide range of treatments, from dermatological conditions to preventing cancer, all the way to aesthetic medicine. The network also includes two dermatopathology laboratories, a clinic specialised in micro-neurosurgery with a focus on treating back problems, and a specialised lymphology clinic.

The CORIUS Group is financed by a Ufenau Capital Partners fund.

The network currently comprises 79 locations, treating around a million patients annually. We continue to grow year on year, acquiring an average of 4 to 5 practices each year.

Our goal is to become the leading group for dermatology and phlebology in Europe.

CORIUS Group advantages for doctors

Being an employee at a community health centre offers many advantages for doctors.

  • They do not have to buy the practice themselves, which avoids them from getting into debt.
  • Being an employee means there is no financial or entrepreneurial risk at all for doctors.
  • Plus, as practice employees, doctors can focus all of their energy on medical care for their patients without the burden of administrative tasks.

The CORIUS Group network and community health centre (MVZ) structure has two main advantages.

  1. Handing a practice over to become a community health centre allows for a seamless transition. For example, the MVZ structure enables the former owner of the practice to gradually reduce their working hours while their successor takes on increasing responsibility
  2. The CORIUS Group relieves doctors of administrative tasks and supports both doctors and medical staff on-site with data protection, quality control, billing, bookkeeping, legal issues, marketing and recruitment

Handing a practice over to the CORIUS Group

We are generally interested in large – and therefore often difficult to sell– dermatology and phlebology practices. The practice owners are typically approaching their well-earned retirement and have already been looking for a solution for the future of their practice for some time. However, practice owners who want to continue working in their practice for several more years can also join our network. This allows them to gradually reduce their working hours at any time and place their practice in the hands of a responsible successor.

As members of the CORIUS Group, all of our practices enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of a large network, including professional exchange between practices and employees, work shadowing, an array of opportunities for professional development, investment in the latest technology, and efficient purchasing at attractive Group rates. Plus, the CORIUS head office deals with all administrative tasks, allowing medical staff to concentrate on caring for patients.

Every practice has its own unique characteristics and circumstances, so the handover process always focuses on individual solutions. First, we have a face-to-face chat to get to know you and your practice, placing great value on transparent and honest communication. Then, we check the requirements for joining our network. Once these checks have been carried out successfully, you will receive a contract from us in which all agreements are laid down in writing. The practice then becomes a community health centre (Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum / MVZ) in order to be incorporated into our Group. Our specialist teams will support you throughout the entire handover process so that you can depend on us as a reliable partner by your side. You can also continue to use our CORIUS head office services after handing over the practice.

We will take on your employees. Once they have been integrated, they will be able to enjoy the wide array of benefits offered by the Group, such as participation in further training courses, professional exchange within the network, flexible working hours, career-family life balance, and many more benefits.

Decisions regarding medical and operational activities remain the responsibility of the medical director(s). The CORIUS Group relieves practices of all administrative tasks, allowing medical staff to focus on the well-being of the patients.

This administrative support gives professionals more time for treatments – and therefore patients – which has a positive effect on the quality of care and patient satisfaction. Plus, investment in modern medical equipment and new technology guarantees an excellent standard of care. CORIUS is interested in continuing large – and therefore difficult to sell– practices, ensuring comprehensive medical care for the future.

CORIUS network advantages

The head office relieves the practices of administrative tasks. CORIUS’ responsibilities not only include bookkeeping, practice management and marketing but also legal issues, human resources and data protection. Practices and clinics can get in touch with employees at the head office to discuss all of these issues. These employees will discuss ideas with medical directors and practice management.

As members of the CORIUS Group, practices enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of a large network. Doctors, in particular, value the exchange of ideas between practices and their employees. The structure of the CORIUS Group also facilitates shadowing and mutual support. Within the network, there is an array of experts from different fields who  share information on specialist topics and know-how on the latest technologies.

  • Fair (sale) conditions
  • All-round support during practice handover
  • Relief from administrative headaches
  • Tailored organisation of and search for a successor
  • Future-oriented management of the practice
  • Takeover of the employees
  • Individuality of the practice guaranteed
  • Financial security
  • Flexible succession models
  • Administrative tasks minimised
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Group-wide networking
  • Competitive salary and profit sharing
  • In the CORIUS Group, medical trainees can complete their training as specialists in skin and venereal diseases.
  • Shadowing is available at other practices in the Group, allowing trainees to gain experience with new technology and treatments.
  • The Group laboratory offers dermatohistopathology courses.
  • The CORIUS Academy offers medical trainees online training courses to expand their knowledge.

CORIUS Group as an employer

Alongside an exciting working environment, the CORIUS Group provides its employees with a wide range of benefits:

  • Administrative tasks minimised
  • Varied, interesting work
  • Flexible working hours
  • Internal promotion opportunities
  • Career-family life balance
  • Group-wide networking
  • Shadowing in other centres
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Annual CORIUS doctors’ congress

The number of women in dermatology has been rising for years – the majority of doctors are now women. However, there are still too few women in managerial positions. The CORIUS Group places great importance on promoting female employees in the network and has developed lots of flexible solutions with this in mind. The size of the CORIUS Group and the number of employees make it easy to provide attractive options such as part-time employment.

You can find a list of vacancies in our Job Portal. Alongside current vacancies, the portal also has information about working for the Group and employee benefits.

You can send an application to the CORIUS Group using our Applications Portal. Click the ‘Apply’ button on the vacancy page, and you will be automatically forwarded to the Applications Portal. You can also send your application to the following email address: karriere@corius.de.

Go to our Careers page for all information about career opportunities in the Group. We also answer more questions about applying to the CORIUS Group in our Careers FAQs.

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