CORIUS adds Dutch practice group to its network

Munich, Germany/ Helmond, Netherlands. Following the successful incorporation of Mauritskliniek in September 2022, the CORIUS Group has now been able to add another Dutch practice group to its network. From 3 April 2023, Ceulen Klinieken and its five locations will bolster the CORIUS Group’s existing services in the fields of dermatology and phlebology.

Ceulen Klinieken Helmond

Caption 1: Ceulen Klinieken’s first location: its practice in Helmond. © Ceulen Klinieken

Ceulen Klinieken dates back to 2014, when Dr Roeland Ceulen opened an outpatient treatment centre in the Dutch city of Helmond, focusing exclusively on dermatological services to start with. The range of treatments on offer was extended between 2014 and 2021 with the acquisition of four more clinics and, in 2019, these clinics came together under the banner of Ceulen Klinieken.

Five locations in Schiedam, Breda, Helmond, Amersfoort and Uden provide patients with a wide range of dermatology and phlebology treatments. However, the focus remains on outpatient treatment for patients with everyday skin ailments, skin cancer, varicose veins, and haemorrhoids. Ceulen Klinieken is also renowned for aesthetic treatments and for patients who suffer from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).

The CEO of Ceulen Klinieken, Dr Roeland Ceulen, has been named CEO of Corius Netherlands B.V. as part of the incorporation, which is to be completed by 3 April. Filling this position and restructuring the company organisation is part of the Group’s strategy to become Europe’s leading network for dermatology and phlebology.

Caption 2: Ceulen Klinieken’s new logo.

Ceulen Klinieken is an excellent addition to the CORIUS Group’s existing range of health services in the Netherlands. This incorporation not only brings us a practice group with an excellent reputation but also superb doctors to design the future of dermatology with and focus on what’s most important: patients’ well-being. I’m also pleased to have Dr Roeland Ceulen on board as CEO for the Netherlands. He’s an experienced doctor and manager and a fine pair of hands to lead the entire group on the ground.

Heidi Niemöller CEO of the CORIUS Group
CEO der CORIUS Gruppe: Heidi Niemöller

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