Expansion of medical services in the Netherlands: Integration of Mohs Clinics

Munich, DE/ Dordrecht, NL. About half a year ago, the Ceulen Klinieken joined the network of the CORIUS Group. This is now being followed by the integration of another Dutch practice group. As of 1 October 2023, the Mohs Clinics will strengthen the CORIUS Group’s existing range of dermatology and phlebology services with a total of six locations.

Mohs Klinieken - Standort Amsterdam

Caption 1: Part of the CORIUS Group since 1 October 2023: the Mohs Clinics. Shown here: the reception area in the Amsterdam location. © Mohs Clinics

The Mohs Clinics were founded in 2008 with their first location in Dordrecht. The practice group now comprises a total of six offices in Dordrecht, Hoorn, Amsterdam, Gorinchem, ’s-Gravendeel and Grootebroek. There, patients are offered a wide range of dermatological as well as phlebological services, but the focus is mainly on the outpatient treatment of patients with skin cancer.

The Mohs Clinics owe their name to the American doctor Frederic E. Mohs, who first described the Mohs surgery procedure for the surgical removal of skin tumours in 1941. This treatment method has been optimised over time and is now considered a standard procedure in the United States for the treatment of the majority of epithelial tumours. The Mohs surgery is unique because excision and analysis of skin tissue can be performed on the same day. The specialists at the Mohs Clinics perform more than 3,000 Mohs operations per year, making them the largest centre for this surgical technique in Europe.

Caption 2: New Mohs Clinics logo.

By acquiring the Mohs Clinics, we are gaining a group in the Netherlands with an exceptionally high level of expertise in the surgical treatment of skin cancer and thus valuable know-how for the entire CORIUS Group. We look forward to working together and continuing to promote our vision of comprehensive medical care in a strong network.

Heidi Niemöller CEO of the CORIUS Group
CEO der CORIUS Gruppe: Heidi Niemöller

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