The CORIUS Group’s first dermatological doctors’ congress

Frankfurt am Main. The first CORIUS Conference was held on 5 and 6 May at the Scandic Hotel on Frankfurt’s Museumsufer embankment. Around 100 specialist doctors and assistants in further training participated in the network-wide event, with two days of exciting discussions on the latest research findings and treatment methods.

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CORIUS Conference – Promoting exchange, pooling expertise

Network-wide exchange of knowledge and expertise has been the Group’s focus since the very beginning. Regular meetings between leading doctors (medical board) developed and continue to develop synergies, present opportunities for collaboration, discuss innovations and promote personal exchange. Heidi Niemöller, CEO of the CORIUS Group, and Prof. Uwe Reinhold, medical director of the MVZ Dermatologisches Zentrum Bonn, designed the CORIUS Conference to keep this vital exchange and cohesion going in an ever-expanding network. ‘We looked for a way of bringing all of the Group’s doctors and assistants together in one place to all get to know each other and share their expert knowledge with the network’, Heidi Niemöller explains. ‘Along with Prof. Reinhold, the president of our medical board, we decided that the logical next step was a congress for all of the Group’s doctors.’ The CORIUS Conference was also certified with eleven points for further training.

Lots of specialist lectures, one goal: to design the future of dermatology

The unique idea behind the CORIUS Conference included tailored lectures and interaction opportunities for stakeholder groups involving both doctors and assistants in further training. A total of 27 lectures highlighted dermato-oncological topics (including ‘Developing electrochemotherapy in dermatological oncology’) as well as aspects of aesthetic medicine (including ‘Holistic concepts for facial rejuvenation’) and laser medicine (including ‘Laser medicine in dermatology in 2023: innovation or stagnation?’). Plus, new research findings in operative dermatology were presented using the example of fish skin transplants and innovative treatments for psoriasis. One highlight in particular was Prof. Hans-Jürgen Tietz’s guest lecture on mycological PCR diagnosis in practice.

CORIUS Academy – further training for assistants

As well as lectures for specialist doctors, there was also a range of specialist content put together specially for assistants in further training. Participation in this programme is part of the CORIUS Academy, a training series for all assistants in the network.

Our aspiring doctors are the future of dermatology. That’s why it’s all the more important to actively integrate, encourage and challenge them from the very beginning and to accompany them on their path. The wide range of initial and further training opportunities in the network permits intensive specialist exchange that makes us a strong, collaborative group.

Prof. Uwe Reinhold MVZ Dermatologisches Zentrum Bonn
Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Reinhold

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