CORIUS Group opens new location in Karlsruhe

Munich/Karlsruhe. The CORIUS Group expands in Baden-Württemberg. MVZ Hautzentrum Meyer-Rogge in Karlsruhe is joining the network as of 1 September 2023, adding another key location to the leading dermatology and phlebology group in order to improve comprehensive medical care.

MVZ Hautzentrum Meyer-Rogge in Karlsruhe

Caption 1: Part of the CORIUS Group since 1 September 2023: MVZ Hautzentrum Meyer-Rogge. Image: Baden 360/ Benjamin Schäfer

The dermatology practice, founded by Dr Dirk Meyer-Rogge in 1997 and located at the heart of the city, is a central port of call for patients in and around Karlsruhe. Whether treating skin ailments, diagnosing and treating skin tumours, or outpatient surgery, the practice offers its patients the whole spectrum of classical and aesthetic dermatology, as well as special expertise in allergology, phlebology and laser treatment.

MVZ Hautzentrum Meyer-Rogge also features the Derma-Clinic, which carries out around 1,200 outpatient operations a year, and the Cosmetic Center, which exclusively offers cosmetic treatments.

Drs Meyer-Rogge are a husband-and-wife team specialised in skin diseases and venereal diseases, and they are supported by three medical trainees at the practice. The medical director is Dr Ellen Meyer-Rogge, a renowned expert on skin ailments in the German media.

Caption 2: The new logo of MVZ Hautzentrum Meyer-Rogge

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